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Custom Made Order
Custom Made Order Service Graphene Square has the capability to offer customized graphene synthesis for large sizes [up to meter scale] since we are a pioneer in large scale synthesis of graphene. Graphene Square is also able to provide a unique service by transferring graphene onto customers' own substrates, chips and materials. The process starts by the customer sending photo images and basic information about the target substrate material for initial feasibility review. Upon review, a test sample would be requested in order to do test transfer process at our headquarters. If the test transfer is successful, then the customer can send the required quantity of the same type of target substrate materials for the graphene transfer service.
Graphene Square's Strength

ㆍBi doping

This strong doping effect is stable enough to last for more than 10 months under ambient conditions due to the barrier properties of graphene covering the BI dopants. Also, graphene (BI graphene) showed excellent sheet resistance as low as ∼200 ohm/sq and high carrier concentration. Bi doping
  • S. J. Kim et al. Simultaneous Etching and Doping by Cu-Stabilizing Agent for High-Performance Graphene-Based Transparent Electrodes. Chem. Mater., 201426 (7), pp 2332–2336.

ㆍDry transfer

If your substrate cannot go through a wet graphene transfer method based upon its solubility in water or in acetone, then the other option is Graphene Square's Dry transfer method. The first option is using our patented Thermal Release Tape [TRT] or the Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Film [PSAF]. Dry transfer
  • (1)S. Bae et al. "Roll-to-roll production of 30 inch graphene films for transparent electrodesNature Nanotech. 5, 574 (2010) (Cover Article)

  • (2)S. J. Kim*, T. Choi* et al. "Ultra-Clean Patterned Transfer of Single-Layer Graphene by Recyclable Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Films"  Nano Letters 15, 3236–3240 (2015).

ㆍMulti-stacked graphene

Dry transfer
  • K. J. Choi et al. "Reduced Water Vapor Transmission Rate of Graphene Gas Barrier Films for Flexible Organic Field-Effect Transistors"  ACS Nano 9, 5818–5824 (2015).

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    • Graphene on SiO2/Si wafer
      size, design change

    • Graphene on PDMS

    • Large Area Graphene (on PET) A4 size

    • Graphene on customized substrate (coated PMMA)

    • Graphene on customized substrate (PAC glass)

    • 1-layer Graphene vs 2-layer Graphene (Multi-stacked graphene)

  • Customer List
    ETH Zurich University of Exeter
    Nokia Research Center Sabanci University
    Seoul National University Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute
    Intel Corporation University of Oxford
    Edicogenome Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
    Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology Korea Basic Science Institute
    University of Applied Sciences, Berlin University of Westminster
    Korea Institute of Science and Technology Korea Institute of Ceramic
    Korea University Korea Aerospace University