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Identity & Mission

Graphene Square Inc. was formally launched in January 2012 as a spin-off company from Prof. Byung Hee Hong's research lab at Seoul National Univ. Since inception, the company's goal and mission was graphene commercialization based upon its technology, large scale production capability and patent portfolio starting off as a high-tech startup company.

Graphene Square in the R&D market

Based upon its firm brand image and prominent synthesis and related techniques, Graphene Square has been developing and building its position in the R&D market. The goal is to continue the systematic growth, network and collaboration with fellow research groups within the graphene and 2D material industry.

Graphene Square in the commercial market

The company has been nurturing its depth in human resources to maintain its global leadership in technical capability in commercialization of graphene. Graphene Square is currently developing systems for mass production of large scale CVD graphene with focused areas of application in the commercial and industrial markets.

Mission & Vision

    • Creating Graphene Ecosystem
    • The development of a novel VALUE-generating ecosystem within the 21st century cannot be imagined without graphene known as the "next wonder material." Graphene Square is in pursuit of creating such a graphene based ecosystem which offers VALUE to all participants including individuals, universities, corporations and even governments by opening up tangible opportunities within paradigm shifting and disruptive technological innovations towards a new channel of pioneering business opportunities.
    • Overwhelming No.1 graphene provider
    • No.1 graphene application developer for commercial use
    • $1bn Company Value by 2025